Are You A Geo-Cacher?

Apr 24 2017

Are you into Geocaching?  

Trinity United Church of Christ attracts Geocachers




the recreational activity of hunting for and finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website.


Trinity members and geocaching enthusiasts Janice Garens and Megan Dahm placed a geocache on the church grounds in September of 2014.  Its name is You See See – a clever play on words. The cache container holds a log book for visitor signatures and a good assortment of trinkets and swag.  Since the You See See geocache début, there have been 102 visitors. The following are some excerpts from their logs:

  • We were out on some errands and needed a quick cache today, the Lord answered our prayers when we found this one.
  • Fun with the family and the dog.
  • Visiting from Colorado, thanks for the cache!
  • Was able to show my kids where their great-great grandparents and great-great aunt are buried as well as the church where many family members attended.
  • I find find!  Muggles should not be a problem here as someone is watching over it 24/7.
  • Easy find – cool stuff inside.
  • Found on my way to my niece’s baptism.  Nice name, ties in well with the location.

If you would like to get outdoors and have an adventure, consider becoming a geocacher.  Its fun, its free and it takes you to interesting places….like Trinity United Church of Christ.  More information can be found at: